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Everyone has their favorite style of pantyhose. Which one of these is yours?
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Hello and welcome to central Europe's new online shop dedicated to providing the masses with quality men's pantyhose and tights.  This being a relatively new concept, people are often unaware of the trend in men's pantyhose. There is really no reason why men should not feel secure in embracing pantyhose as a viable article of clothing.  We are now seeing more and more men realizing the benefits of wearing pantyhose and tights.

There are numerous reasons why one would benefit from wearing pantyhose.  The reason may differ greatly from one to the next based on personal preferences. So below I have highlighted, what I believe to be, the most common advantages.

  • HEALTH - Many men suffer from poor blood circulation of the legs. Pantyhose massages and compresses in ways that keeps your legs from aching and feeling tired. Great for jobs when you either sit for long periods of time or are on your feet all day.

  • WARMTH - Well what can I say, they really do keep you warm on a cold winter's day. I have tested this theory many times.  On one very cold day I wore just one pair of pantyhose and on another cold day, 2 thick pair of socks and no pantyhose. To my astonishment, my feet were warmer with one pair of pantyhose than they were with the 2 pair of socks. So for keeping warm while skiing, hiking, biking....pantyhose works!

  • SPORTS - A great way to keep warm while energizing your legs.  Great for those cold days when the freezing wind burns your legs with ice cold temperatures.  Poor guys out there playing soccer in the freezing cold with nothing to protect their legs. Pantyhose and tights is the solution.

  • PLEASURE - Well let's just face it.  There is nothing that feels better than wearing a nice pair of nylon pantyhose. Many young men realize this during adolescence. The allure of the pantyhose is what initially stirs ones curiosity. Once you experience the joys of wearing pantyhose, you may never be able to live without them. Remember, there is nothing wrong with you for wearing pantyhose.

  • FASHION - Finally we are seeing designers incorporate pantyhose into their men's collection.  There are so many ways to wear pantyhose as a fashion trend. Some go for the polo shirt, khaki shorts, dress shoes and beige hose look. Others may prefer the alternative style of combining t-shirts, 3/4 long pants, converse sneakers and black hose.  We all have our own personal style which makes the options endless.


Pantyhose made especially for men is not easy to find in a physical shop.  This is still a niche market. Some men may find it embarrassing to stroll into a shop to buy pantyhose. With this online shop, we hope to promote pantyhose as an acceptable garment for men to wear with pride. So take that first step, you will not regret it!

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